Mount Umunhum Sneak Peek

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OPENROAD with Doug McConnell

Go behind the scenes of the restoration a top Mt. Umunhum for an exclusive sneak preview of the summit.
Projected Opening Date - September 16th 2017.
Former Home of the 682nd Radar Squadron, Almaden Air Force Station.
Geography Location: Santa Clara County, California, United States. 

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Published on May 26, 2011

KQED QUEST treks 3,486 feet to the peak of Mt. Umunhum rising steeply above the Silicon Valley. During the Cold War the Air Force installed a sprawling radar station at the top of this mountain. For over 50 years the summit has been off limits to the public. Now it's being cleaned up and will soon be opened again as open space.

A Very Special Place

Published on Feb 3, 2008

My father was the medic at the base in 1971/1972. We were lucky enough to live in the base housing on top of the mountain. Our own small town, 3,400' above San Jose. There were about 25 families and 150 enlisted men on the base. It was paradise. Thirty six years after leaving the "mountain", I am still drawn to it, I think of those days almost weekly.

I hope you enjoy.  Jack Smith

Mount Umunhum Radar Station

Published on Aug 11, 2013


A flight to the summit to visit a Cold War radar station using a TBS Discovery Radio Controlled Helicopter. 5/4/2013

 37.15543826, -121.8892079