Air Force

682nd Radar Squadron 

Vigilantia Et Prudentia

We Love Our Tower

The New Beginning

After 60 years the long awaited excitement to see the AN / FPS 24 Long Range Radar Tower up close is HERE !
Almaden Air Force Stations 🇺🇸️ Historic 5 1/2 story reinforced concrete Tower is with a New look on the summit of Mount Umunhum ( RESET )
September 18th 2017. The summit on Mount Umunhum was opened up to the general public. ( at no charge ) Yes you can visit for FREE!

If you are planning a visit to see Mount Umunhum's majestic views and hear The Towers whispers...
You can download the Stories of Mount Umunhum Audio Tour App for your smartphone to experience a "virtual" guide around the summit.
Learn how Mount Umunhum got its name, and hear Air Force veterans, Native Americans and others tell their personal stories about life on the mountain.

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With continued Dedication from The Umunhum Conservancy to the restoration and preservation of The Tower.
We still have a lot of work to do for the Tower
You Can Help !
Please visit: Umunhum Conservancy Inc

Almaden Air Force Station
Mount Umunhum Rd
Santa Clara County, California 95032
682nd Radar Squadron
Permanently Closed in 1980
Now Open to the Public September 18th, 2017.

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